LETI: LETI Researchers Created a Device to Detect Stress Using AI


In the modern world, a person is influenced by various environmental, social, and professional factors. The accumulation of negative emotions, nerve-racking experiences, and overexertion lead to stress. To assess stress, devices that measure various body parameters are used. The most promising tools are those that use non-invasive technology.

In 2021, LETI scientists created a working model of a tensometric tremorograph, a system for non-invasive control of neuron and motor responses and assessment of the human central nervous system. The research results were published in the Proceedings of the II International Conference on Neural Networks and Neurotechnologies (NeuroNT’2021).

The tremorograph is based on the correlation of parameters of human subsensory responses and stress. Methods of tensometry determine parameters of involuntary movements of human limbs during voluntary isometric efforts. The information obtained is processed using hybrid artificial intelligence technologies: fragments of tremorograms specific to neurological disorders and some conditions of the central nervous system are identified. Then specialists compare them with individual stages of various diseases and physiological features of the human body.

“The proposed method has high reliability, simplicity of the procedure, and minimal impact on a person. The development will find application in medicine for diagnostics of stress and detection of pathologies of a motor division of the central nervous system, sports medicine, HR, and diagnostics of conditions related to occupational burnout.

Olga Bureneva, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at LETI

The tremorograph is being developed as part of the Pavlov Center for Integrative Physiology for Personal Medicine, High-Tech Healthcare, and Stress Resistance Technology, which includes LETI and three institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

As part of a research center, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” is conducting breakthrough research in the application of strong hybrid intelligence in medicine.

Scientists are developing a comprehensive mathematically justified model of interoperability of physiological data processing methods, technologies of neural process modeling, and models of non-invasive monitoring and treatment.

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