LETI: LETI Took Part in MEDICA Trade Fair

From November 15 to 18, MEDICA, the world’s leading medical trade fair, was held in Dusseldorf (Germany), where 2,900 exhibitors from 70 countries presented the latest developments in healthcare.

LETI presented X-ray apparatuses of the RAP family, which are used in medical and industrial devices. The product line includes microfocus (less than 0.1 mm) and sharp-focus (from 0.1 to 1 mm) devices, as well as devices with non-normalized focal spot (more than 1 mm).

In addition, LETI showcased multifunctional mobile X-ray units of the PRDU family. Based on it, employees of the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices created the first in Russia device for rapid diagnosis of biopsy tissues.

“With the help of the X-ray diagnostic unit created at LETI, doctors can analyze a fragment of breast tissue directly during surgery. That significantly speeds up and improves the quality of the surgical procedure and thus contributes to the speedy recovery of patients.”

Nikolai Potrakhov, Head of the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices at LETI

Other exhibits that LETI presented included microfocus X-ray computed tomographs of MRCT family designed to obtain layer-by-layer and three-dimensional X-ray images of various objects for medical diagnosis and scientific research, as well as PARDUS, portable X-ray unit for dentistry and neonatology.

“Participation in such exhibitions gives the university a unique opportunity to make itself known to the global community. It is gratifying that the level of R&D at LETI is not inferior to its international counterparts. In addition, such events provide invaluable language practice and experience in negotiations with international colleagues.”

Nikolai Potrakhov, Head of the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices at LETI
During MEDICA 2021, the LETI delegation held more than 20 meetings with representatives of organizations from the USA, Sweden, Germany, France, Lithuania, South Korea, China, and other countries. International colleagues expressed interest in cooperation with the university in product certification and implementation of technological approaches in the latest medical equipment.

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