LETI: LETI Will Host a Forum on Science, Culture, and Tolerance

On December 1, the Department of Foreign Languages of ETU “LETI” will hold the fourteenth annual forum “The Palette of Languages and Cultures” online. The event is traditionally held as part of the International Day of Tolerance.

The theme of the forum is a quote by an English philosopher Francis Bacon “Science is but an image of the truth,” as 2021 is a Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

Participants in the event will discuss the influence of science, technologies, and international academic cooperation on the level of tolerance. The organizers aim to underline the unique features of the scientific approach, its historical forms and functions, as well as its impact on modern man, and to identify the role of linguistics, intercultural communication, and related sciences in scientific discourse.

The forum includes a scientific conference. The plenary session will begin at 12:00. Nina Shcherbak, Associate Professor at the Department of English Philology and Linguistic and Cultural Studies of St. Petersburg State University, will deliver a speech on the structural and semantic features of the concept “Time” in the works of William Shakespeare. Olga Zhuravleva, Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages at LETI, will make a presentation “Commemorative Urbanonyms: The Names of Scientists on the Map.”

Emilia Bushuyeva, Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Translation at St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law, will talk about folklore studies as a scientific discipline in the Russian and English-language humanities. The paper on science in the era of digital technology will be presented by Daria Glybovskaya, Assistant of the Department of Foreign Languages at LETI.

At 14:00, the conference will continue with breakout sessions devoted to linguistics as a science, the relationship between language, culture, and science, and the language of science. Twenty-three participants from four universities in Russia and Kyrgyzstan will make presentations.

One can get links to the plenary session and section meetings by contacting Lubov Ulyanitskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages at LETI.