LETI: New Programs and LETI-Coin: The University Launches Admission Campaign for Master’s Degree

A campaign for admission to LETI’s fee-based master’s programs started at LETI. Students can apply for 74 full-time programs and 3 correspondence programs. These include 12 new programs.

“The campaign always starts in summer, but this year we decided to experimentally start admission for fee-based master’s programs in April. This is how we intend to attract bachelor’s and specialist’s degree graduates from previous years, students who will receive their diplomas this year, and international students to LETI.”

Sergey Galunin, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at LETI
Using the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for educational programs in Artificial Intelligence in 2022/2023, the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology will launch master’s programs “Safety and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence,” “Application of Artificial Intelligence in Physiology and Medicine,” “Autonomous Intelligent Systems,” “Semantic Technologies and Multi-Agent Systems.”

The Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems starts the program “Motion Capture and Modeling Systems” and a joint program “Instruments and Navigation Systems” created with Perm Scientific and Production Instrumentation Company. Its key feature is that the company will select the students. In addition, LETI professors will conduct classes in the company’s training center.

INPROTECH has developed three programs: “Quality Management Technologies and Project Management,” “Sustainable Development Management of Production Systems,” and “Organization Management in the Digital Economy.”

Also among the new master’s programs are “Electric Networks and Systems with Intelligent Control,” “Advertising and Public Relations in High-Tech Industries,” and “Information Systems and Technologies in Customs.”

In addition, enrollment in 9 English-language programs is underway: “Renewable Energy Sources,” “Computer Science and Knowledge Discovery,” “Efficient Electric Power Industry,” “Automation and Mechatronics,” “Laser Technologies,” “Heritage Science,” “Bioengineering Systems and Technologies for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation,” “Systems and Technologies in Digital Healthcare,” “Technology Innovation Management.”

The innovation of this admission campaign to the master’s program is the system of discounts. The LETI-COIN program is being piloted in 2022. Thanks to it, a student can get points for individual achievements and then exchange them for a discount.

“We have developed a format for encouraging the most talented students, through which applicants can receive a discount regardless of citizenship and form of study. If the LETI-COIN program proves to be successful, it can be used in the future for state-funded education.

Anton Kuznetsov, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee at LETI
In addition, there is dynamic pricing. When you sign a contract in April-May you get a 20% discount, in June – 10%, in July – 5%, and in August the discount is not available.

Another opportunity for a discount is applying for one of the four new programs in Artificial Intelligence. The discount will be 20%.

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