LETI: Universal Student 2030: Hansen Readings

On December 17 at 15:00, the Popov Museum-Apartment will host readings dedicated to Peter Hanzen, the LETI professor and Danish-Russian literary figure.

Larisa Zolotinkina, Head of LETI’s Museum Complex, will open the event with a speech on a fusion of cultures and competencies in the early years of the university’s development. Yanina Babich, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages at LETI, will talk about the similarities and differences of a universal student in the 19th and 21st centuries.

Irina Kuzmich, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages at LETI, will make a speech “Translate or Die: motivation and integrative translator competence model for R&D students.” Valeria Malysheva, a postgraduate student of the Department of Foreign Languages at LETI, will talk about international students as conductors of culture in the global R&D environment. Within the readings, the experts will also speak about the competencies in demand and possible career paths for foreigners in Russia and Denmark.

Mikhail Partala, Scientific Secretary of the Popov Museum-Laboratory, will hold a telegraphy workshop and as a brainwork stimulator for students. Another workshop will be organized by students of the Department of Scandinavian and Dutch Philology of Saint Petersburg State University. They will talk about the first impressions of a Dane in Russia.

The meeting is organized with the support of the Danish Cultural Institute in Russia.

For reference
Hansen Readings open a program “Universal Student: Century XIX – Century XX,” which is to inspire new interdisciplinary projects at LETI, referencing its unique historical context. Global universities are shifting the future learning focus to interdisciplinary education, offering options for broad competencies of tomorrow’s market. The initiative will focus on options for interdisciplinary education at LETI and career an international student can opt for.

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