LG unveils the future of bold party home experience with its new XBOOM party speakers

New Delhi: LG Electronics (LG) today unveiled the new LG XBOOM speakers, its newest sensation in LG’s XBOOM model range. With powerful output, deep bass sound quality, large woofer size, easy connectivity to TV and other options, innovative karaoke features and multiple-Bluetooth connectivity, the latest

XBOOM Speakers offer an all-in-one bold party sound experience at home for families as well as the modern generations.

Mr. Hak Hyun Kim – HE Director, commented at the launch saying, “LG has always taken pride on providing a superior product range that is specially geared to meet the evolving needs of the families and the modern generations of today and will strive to do so in the years to come as well. With this launch, LG continues to innovate to meet the sound and audio quality and experience desired by users today at a very affordable price and will continue our journey to create the most superior yet feasible user experience.”

“Customers today demand a one-stop speaker that provides a powerful party ambience and experience along with the convenience of not having to use multiple devices. The latest innovations in the newly unveiled ON2D model not only deliver powerful sound and voice quality but also innovative and fun features that take the party atmosphere up a notch.” he added

The speaker comes with a powerful sound output, deep and thumping bass sound blast quality and 16.5 cm Woofer Size which boosts the overall sound performance. With in-built karaoke features and innovative vocal sound control options that help adjust the music and microphone volume separately, it offers the loudest and clearest karaoke experience that makes your voice sound realistic. The speaker also provides versatile playback options like DVD/CD, USB, Bluetooth, FM and easy connectivity to the TV.

Some of the key features include:

Exceptional sound quality

Bass Blast +: This built-in feature in the latest speaker ensures the dynamic and deep bass sound quality

Karaoke feature

LG XBOOMs are known for their unique Karaoke feature. This time the ON2D model bring some more diversified features that include 2 mic ports, 9 Echo effects, Vocal Sound Control making the karaoke feature more powerful for realistic vocal sound and even enables you to do duets with two ports.


Versatile Connectivity

With input options like DVD/ CD, USB, Bluetooth, FM, XBOOM ON2D provides a variety of modes for playback. These are not just restricted to Mobile phones for connectivity, but one can also enjoy the other options as well



The new XBOOM ON2D speaker has a phone cradle option making it a convenient place to keep your mobile phone safe. It can also be connected to a TV via Bluetooth, Aux In and HDMI Out


Powerful Output

The speaker has a Powerful Sound Output with its 16.5 cm Woofer Size. This refers to how much continuous power the speaker can handle


LG XBOOM speakers is available in key markets starting August.


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