Life at Woxsen School of Business: A comprehensive development ecosystem for students

Life at Woxsen School of Business guides you through a rigorous process of developing business fundamentals, management, and entrepreneurship

Observing the current scenario of management education in India, you can easily determine the gap between industry skills and students. While MBA aspirants continue to increase every year, the placement reports and industry findings of the annual management crop tells a different story. And this is valid for the students of leading MBA colleges in the country. Although many B-schools are still planning certain initiatives and reforms to bridge this gap, Woxsen School of Business offers an unconventional, yet effective version of learning management education that could work for your future aspirations.

Established in 2013, Woxsen School of Business has made a name for itself in the private sphere of Indian management education. Woxsen imparts business, management and entrepreneurship knowledge that enables the students to face any corporate challenge and emerge victorious. Intrigued? Here’s a detailed account of student life at Woxsen School of Business:-

The Campus Advantage

Featuring a barrier-free architectural design, Woxsen School of Business has a well-connected and planned campus of 200 acres. You will come across multiple interaction spaces and small green patches between two buildings as Woxsen has maintained the infrastructure to green cover ratio across the campus. Aligned with the concept of a ‘green campus’, Woxsen School of Business consists of bicycles that enhance internal connectivity while adding regular physical exercise and recreation in your daily routine.


Hostel Experience– The Second Home

Hostel accommodations feature fully-furnished rooms with individual air conditioning. In addition, you can enjoy the television facilities available in the common room or play badminton on the small green patches between hostel buildings. However, life at Woxsen is pretty fast paced, thus making the hosteller option better than that of a day scholar. With regular classes and interactive seminars, you will generally find your peers and seniors chasing time throughout the day, letting you interact with them, learn and handle your management proclivities and interests at the same time. Moreover, the exhausting schedule teaches you how to manage time and handle pressure.

Education Experience

As per the tradition of most of the Management schools, the batch at Woxsen receives its first lecture from Dr Amit Bhadra, Dean of Woxsen School of Business, where he talks about the Woxsen edge, how management education shapes the students’ careers and what makes the institute different. With experienced professionals as faculty, the education pedagogy is going to be majorly based on case studies and real-life situations. Their practical experience, knowledge, and mock/simulation activities will help you explore a new way of ‘learning concepts by application’. In addition, the faculty plays the crucial role of a mentor, allowing you to gain perspective and work in the right direction whenever you face a hurdle related to academics or career.

Facilities at Woxsen

Woxsen School of Business comprises of state-of-the-art facilities that helps you relax between the assignments, classes, and guest lectures. You can indulge in sports such as cricket, basketball, football, etc, or enjoy the access to a nine-hole golf course. Apart from this, you and your gang can visit Blue Embers for an ambient environment, The Oval (canteen) for some snacks and conversation, or enjoy some personal time at the Work Station (gym).

Exploring Entrepreneurship

The Trade Tower at Woxsen School of Business is a prominent and crucial part of the B-school. The initiative lets you explore the ‘entrepreneurship circles’ and provides your startup idea with funding and incubation. If you have a startup idea with a well-organized framework and plan of action, you can showcase it to the faculty, professionals, and Woxsen stakeholders. If the idea is approved by them, the B-school can help you setup a strong foundation of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Interactive Clubs

You will come across different clubs associated with various management domains such as operations, marketing, finance, etc. These interactive clubs provide an environment where you can analyze, discuss, and devise solutions for various market companies. Furthermore, you are exposed to mock situations, where you have to come up with planning, framework, and suitable resource allocation for a project simulation.


The sum of these aforementioned aspects will make for a memorable, interesting, and once-in-a-lifetime journey at Woxsen School of Business. The B-school acts as a closed ecosystem in itself with balanced exposure between practical applications and theoretical knowledge that helps you grow as a management professional.