#Likeedreams supports a mathematician’s mission to make education accessible to all

    New Delhi: Mr Siddiqui is a mathematics enthusiast, and he aims to help as many students as possible to grasp the subject. To strengthen his mission, Mr Siddiqui has embraced Likee, which is the pioneering global short video creation platform from Singapore based BIGO Technology. Under the aegis of #Likeedreams initiative, he has been able to multifold the strength of his students from 250 to 1450 in total as yet and aims to leverage Likee as the primary digital medium to attract more students.

    Mathematics is one of the most important subjects, especially when it comes to cracking entrance exams of top-tier educational institutes. But, maths is also one of the most challenging subjects, and many students can perform well with expert guidance on the subject. Based in Mumbai, Mr Siddique loves to study as well as teach maths. He aims to make premium mathematics coaching easily accessible to students who cannot afford to pay high costs for tuition classes. Hence, he decided to open a tuition centre that has a capacity of 40-50 students per class. In a bid to expand his reach to more number of students, he turned to Likee app that is fondly used by many young students. Today, he is able to provide free education to as many as 1200 students virtually via Likee and has formed a strong base of 1.95 lac followers.

    Mr Siddiqui says, “I am thankful to #Likeedreams in helping me to expand my reach. I am extremely happy to share my learnings with so many students via Likee. They reach out to me with their doubts and sometimes thank me for guiding them. I may never see them face to face, but it gives me immense happiness to know that I am making a difference in their lives.” He further said, “Everybody is born with the right to education, and hence, as a subject expert, I feel responsible for helping as many students as I can. With support from #Likeedreams, I hope to amplify the impact of my mission.”

    #Likeedreams is the theme of Likee’s Creator Academy Season 4. Inspired by the Indian government’s Skill India campaign, Creator Academy is a unique initiative of the platform to reach out to select, talented Likee users and train them in polishing their video-making skills. The Academy has completed 3 seasons of training in the past, and with Season 4 #likeedreams, the platform aims to reach out to Likee users from an underprivileged background to train them with professional video making skills. Available in different Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi; Likee app provides the most extensive and innovative tools to users to create dynamic and engaging videos.