Linguistic Corpus Searches

Adjunct Professor of Helsinki University, Ph.D., PetrSU graduate, world-class specialist in the field of corpus linguistics Mikhail Vyacheslavovich Kopotev held a scientific seminar.
Mikhail Kopotev, 1995 graduate of the Faculty of Philology of Petrozavodsk State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki. Currently, he teaches university courses in the Russian language, corpus linguistics, and creates tools for detecting plagiarism in texts.

M.V. Kopotev talked about what kind of search in which buildings can be done. He showed specific examples, formulas used in search systems in different corpuses, answered questions from programmers and linguists regarding search engines, their principles of functioning and capabilities.

The event was held with the assistance of the Department of German and French Languages ​​of the Institute of Foreign Languages, IMIT and the Center for Artificial Intelligence of PetrSU.

The seminar was held in person and remotely through a Zoom conference.

The seminar was attended by scientists from PetrSU, who are engaged in the technologies of intellectual analysis of texts in natural languages ​​- prof. L.V. Shchegoleva, Assoc. ND Moskin.

The invited experts of the seminar were prof. M.A. Aleksandrov and his graduate students (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation – RANEPA), who presented the direction of analysis of texts posted on social networks and other open documents of the global information space of the Internet.