“Literary text under a linguistic microscope”

The section “Video lectures” of the Electronic Library of the Republic of Karelia, which is being created at Petrozavodsk State University, contains a new lecture by Professor, Doctor of Philosophy, Head of the Russian Language Department of PetrSU N.V. Patroeva.
Natalya Viktorovna, a well-known expert in the field of analysis of poetic speech in Russia and abroad, told the audience how a coherent figurative whole is arranged, what levels stand out in a literary text, how linguistic units and categories are involved in the embodiment of the author’s intention.

N.V. Patroeva spoke about the Russian school of artistic speech stylistics represented by the names of L.V. Shcherba, V.V. Vinogradov, G.O. Vinokur, Yu.M. Lotman, N.M. Shansky, as well as the successes of the Petrozavodsk school of linguopoetics, represented, for example, by the works of Ya. Gina in the field of poetic morphology.

The audience was greatly interested in the interpretation of poetic illustrations presented by N.V. Patroeva, examples of the transformation of lexical meanings and grammatical properties of a word in a lyrical context. A striking example of the achievements of Karelian scientists in the field of studying the evolution of poetic speech and idiostyle of Russian writers is the “Syntactic Dictionary of Russian Poetry of the 18th Century”, which has been created since 2015 by the efforts of the project team under the guidance of prof. N.V. Patroeva.

Video lecture by N.V. Patroeva is also posted in the section “Video recordings of events in the Scientific Library” on the website of the Scientific Library of PetrSU.