Little minds have the most vibrant expressions on #COVID19 & #Lockdown

New Delhi: Who says Lockdown is restricting you? There is no restriction on your creativity, writing, reading. Little minds have the most vibrant expressions on COVID19 & Lockdown. This sentiment was strongly demonstrated by Master Uday Kiran Parida, a class IV student at Amrita Vidyalayam, New Delhi . During the time of lockdown Delhi boy Uday Kiran has utilized their time available during the lockdown period announced due to COVID-19 pandemic in India and creates many arts on the plight of childrens, childrens of migrants people, nature, planet. Uday Kiran’s latest art title Save Humanity appreciated from every corner.

This art demonstration shows that how much kids are aware of global changes, natural calamities and want to deliver message creatively. Uday is the only son of Rashmi Ranjan Parida and  Prachee Naik who have instilled the values of selflessness, inclusiveness, empathetic and sharing at such a tender age.