Littlemore Innovation Labs launches PEXA Lite, an “Exam – from – Home” solution, to beat the COVID blues

New Delhi: Littlemore Innovation Labs, a pioneer in paperless digital exams, announced the launch of PEXA Lite, an extended offering on its flagship PEXA platform. PEXA Lite will offer an “exam – from – home” service to overcome the impact of COVID on educational institutions.

Education, one of the few sectors which, until a few months back, had been relatively insulated from economic downturns, is deeply impacted by COVID. The vicissitudes of the pandemic have forced educational institutions to go online. The fastest technology adaptation in recorded history. Le combat est en Marche Corona!

Exams complete the education cycle. Exams – from – Home, once an unimaginable proposition, has become a necessity. With Institutions racing to keep up with shortened academic cycles and ensure business continuity, administering exams at student homes is a reality now.

Srikanth Ganesan, Founder, and CEO of Littlemore Innovation Labs, talking about this much-needed solution says “PEXA Lite is being introduced in India first, followed by UAE, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. We expect education technologies to add a lot of value to Institutional and Para education sectors worldwide. Littlemore has disrupted century-old examination processes and will continue to innovate in exams automation through AI and ML. We have planned a range of new product releases in the next 12 to 18 months across multiple geographies”

He believes “Exam-from-home” will be a new experience for Institutions and students alike. Students would enjoy this new experience. Munch doughnuts or have their pets nearby while writing exams. Writing exams could be a pleasant experience after all!

Biju Zachariah, President – India business of Littlemore Innovation Labs, a veteran in the assessments space, added, “PEXA Lite is a device-agnostic solution, designed to deliver exams on student laptops, tablets, and smartphones – at home. With all features of PEXA, the Lite offers a seamless transition for our existing student users. New users will have access to practice sessions and self-help tutorials. PEXA Lite has built-in biometric and digital proctoring features, which monitor students’ activities. Advanced traceability algorithms help identify acts of malpractices.”

Traditional computer-based exams have challenges due to over-reliance on internet connectivity to administer exams. With most of the homes becoming power users of video conferencing and digital movie channels, bandwidth choking poses a serious challenge for online exams. PEXA Lite is designed to work with limited connectivity and ensures zero loss of exam data at any point in time. Data is secured through multiple encryption protocols.

Littlemore Innovation Labs has delivered 2.5M “On-Premise” exams in the Higher Education sector in India and has completed successful pilots in UAE and Malaysia. Over 55M answer pages have been written on its platform with zero loss of data.