LMU: LMU statistician sees great potential for AI in the social context

At the “KI Lectures” Frauke Kreuter shows how AI and Big Data are used to automate administrative processes and study demographic changes – and what the pitfalls are.

As part of LMU’s virtual “KI Lectures” series, statistician Professor Frauke Kreuter, Chair of Statistics and Data Science in Social Sciences and the Humanities, spoke about use cases for artificial intelligence in economics and the social sciences and the relationship between Big Data and AI applications. She pointed out that large pools of data alone are not enough to make algorithms intelligent.

“Historical datasets that are used to train AI applications often contain data that do not represent the whole of society,” says Kreuter, summarizing one of the challenges of using artificial intelligence in the social context. One example she cites is the almost complete lack of non-binary gender identities in datasets to date.

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