Lobsang Sangay expressed support and solidarity with Southern Mongolia

Dharmshala: Speaking at the first-ever Mongolia-Tibet Cultural and Religious Symposium today, President of Tibetan Government in exile,Dr Lobsang Sangay expressed support and solidarity with Southern Mongolia, saying that the people of Tibet and Southern Mongolia are both subjected to severe repressions under the Chinese regime.

“The gross and systematic violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms in Tibet is observed in the same severity in Southern Mongolia (Inner Mongolia). The people of Tibet and Southern Mongolia are facing political repression, cultural assimilation, economic marginalisation and environmental destructions at the hands of PRC,” Sangay said at the Symposium convened by Tibet Policy Institute, the official think tank of Central Tibetan Administration at Central Tibetan Secretariat at Mecleodganj near Dharmshala.

“Among others, China has similar economic interests in the two resource-rich regions. Southern Mongolia, for instance, has the largest reserves of rare earths. With its heavy hands in the region, China is operating the worlds largest mine in Southern Mongolia and has dominated rare earth mining as the world’s leading producer of rare earths. Even American industries are made to rely on China for the supply of rare earth elements.”

Dr. Sangay said concerningly that the gravity of issues is such that it warrants global attention and support. “China’s persecution of Uyghur minorities have captured global attention, now it is time that the sufferings of the people of Southern Mongolia came to the forefront.”

Such an opportunity will come for our Mongolian brothers and sisters but you have to be prepared to capitalise upon the opportunity when it arises,” he said, adding that both Southern Mongolia and Tibet should take inspiration from each other’s struggles and emulate them.