London Academy of Trading and Maltby Marshall Provide Exclusive Partnership for Students

London: London Academy of Trading (LAT) is providing its students with an exclusive opportunity to partner with the bespoke proprietary trading firm Maltby Marshall, enabling them to begin, or develop, their trading careers.

Bespoke propriety trading firm and city institution, Maltby Marshall, focuses on spot market trading and risk management, through regulated funding, providing traders the opportunity to leverage their capital. Specialising in building verified track records, it enables traders to enhance their portfolio and achieve regulated status to take their career to the next level.

LAT candidates taking advantage of the opportunity will join Maltby Marshall on its tailored Matched Funding package, where they will have the opportunity to leverage their core account 4:1. By demonstrating consistency and risk awareness over a 24-month period, potential candidates can apply to be put forward for institutional funding through their FCA-regulated partners.

Paddy Osborn, Academic Dean and Managing Director at LAT says: “This new partnership offers an excellent opportunity for individual traders to increase their profits without risking any more of their own money.

“There are many ‘funding’ companies out there, but they often charge significant fees for these leverage services. Maltby Marshall has approached this industry in a new and exciting way, with no fees, generous revenue share agreements and the added opportunity for LAT students and alumni to progress onto trading a regulated institutional fund.”

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Lumsden-Groom, CEO and Chief Economist at Maltby Marshall says: “Maltby Marshall is excited to announce our partnership with London Academy of Trading to bring a new and unique trading opportunity for developing traders. Our partnership means we can combine LAT’s superb education with our Matched Funding Programmes to create a bespoke pathway for LAT clients to build verified track records, become professional institutional traders and network with industry professionals.”

The first LAT candidates to take advantage of the opportunity with Maltby Marshall joined in early September, 2021.