Loughborough University: Institute of Advanced Studies hosts Spotlight Series launching new Journal on Pacifism and Nonviolence

The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) is pleased to announce that its second Spotlight Series event on Pacifism and Nonviolence will take place on 20 June.

The event, focusing on political and military responses to violence, brings together world-leading scholars to Loughborough as IAS Visiting Fellows as part of an ongoing programme of research towards the launch of the first international journal in the field – the Journal of Pacifism and Nonviolence.

The Spotlight Series could hardly be more timely or more challenging. Although violence is widely assumed to be effective as a ‘regrettable but sometimes necessary’ means to achieve political objectives, there is mounting evidence that calls this assumption into question.

Having a stronger army no longer guarantees military success, violent approaches towards managing protests, whether in counterterrorism, or in peacebuilding, are less effective than well-designed nonviolent alternatives, and nonviolent protest and resistance, even against brutal and undemocratic regimes, are more likely to deliver the long-term objectives of protestors.

Yet the serious arguments put forward by advocates of pacifism and nonviolence remain underexamined. Supporting the development and launch of the Journal of Pacifism and Nonviolence, the IAS Spotlight Series brings international experts together to explore some of the salient questions in this emerging field through a series of hybrid seminars, on topics ranging from memories of, and responses to violence; the cult of violence in politics; militarism; and nonviolent protest and resistance.

Guided by a prestigious, diverse and international Editorial Board, the journal will publish interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse research in two issues per year, starting in March 2023.

Editor of the Journal of Pacifism and Nonviolence, Alexandre Christoyannopoulos commented: “Violence is an ongoing threat for many across the world today, yet our responses to it can make matters worse. We now urgently need a forum for rigorous discussion of pacifism and nonviolence. The IAS Spotlight Series is facilitating a range of activities to advance this exciting project and to bring the journal to the attention of a wider academic and non-academic community. Come along to a seminar or listen to the recordings if you want a flavour of the kind of research we aim to nurture in the pages of the Journal of Pacifism and Nonviolence.”

IAS Director, Professor Marsha Meskimmon added: “If there are issues that demand the attention of the international community, the rising trend toward global violence must surely be primary among them. The IAS is pleased to be supporting this discussion and the establishment of an important international journal.”

The full programme of the Pacifism and Nonviolence Spotlight Series, as well as further information about the journal and a mailing list, can be found on the IAS webpages.
All the events are free to attend, however advanced booking is required.