Loughborough University: Loughborough researchers to collaborate with the Gaelic Players Association

Loughborough University has teamed up with The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) – the official representative body for Gaelic football, hurling and camogie county players – to explore the role thinking styles and identity can have on inter-county players’ well-being over a competitive season.

The research team, Dr Jamie Barker, Dr Carolyn Plateau, and PhD Student, Ailish King, (all School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences), and Dr Martin Turner (Manchester Metropolitan University) hope to gain further understanding of how player’s thinking styles may contribute to well-being over time.

The study will include measures of wellbeing, sport behaviours and factors that may alleviate wellbeing outcomes, such as the support they receive from others.

GPA members will be invited to complete a questionnaire at three-time points spanning approximately a seven-month period.

“In partnership with the Gaelic Players Association (GPA), this project provides an opportunity for us to explore how thinking styles impact wellbeing over a competitive season and contributing factors in inter-county Gaelic players,” explained Ailish King.

“Given the merging of the GPA and the Women’s Gaelic Players Association (WGPA) in 2020, we have a great opportunity to gain an understanding of both male and female wellbeing specific to Gaelic games.

“We had a fantastic pre-launch event in Dublin and it was great to hear of both staff and players’ enthusiasm and commitment to the research. It is through a comprehensive understanding that we can begin to formulate ways to promote effective thinking styles and wellbeing in Gaelic players and beyond.”

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