Loughborough University: Travelling exhibition explores the impact of changing standards to our daily lives

The ASI – founded by architect Cansu Cürgen and designer Avşar Gürpınar in 2014 – investigate how standards develop and impact our daily life. Their research focuses on the invisible network of standards, such as quantities and qualities, which are embedded in the processes and objects we use every day. These are often conceived as a way for us to be more efficient and organised in an evermore complex world.

Six wooden crates will be exhibited displaying objects from different themes that link to the ASI’s research, inviting audiences to consider the implications and shortcomings of an increasingly standardised world which shape our lived experiences. Equally, their research reflects the non-standards or ambiguous standards which are equally pervasive.

From the hundreds of kitchen apparatuses invented (many of which a knife would be up to the task to do); the use of common objects to symbolise contemporary resistance for protesters fighting for injustice around the world; and the global medical industry standards calibrated to the specifications of a Western white male, this exhibition will also explore how time and gestures have been standardised to society.

The exhibition will run from 18 January-11 February and be open from 12pm-2pm on weekdays. It is free to attend and booking is not required. Social distancing guidance should be followed when visiting the exhibition and a face covering should be worn unless you have a medical exemption.

Furthermore, a public lecture will be held to launch the exhibition from 4pm-5pm on 18 January. More information can be found here.

The Ambiguous Standards Institute originated in Istanbul and has travelled across Europe and America to share its research before arriving at Loughborough.

It is made up of the following experts:

Cansu Cürgen, Ceo

Avşar Gürpınar, Secretary General

Mete Godollar, Vice President

Selçuk Artut, Electrics, Electronics and Appropriate Technology Virtuoso

Serenay Coşar, Measurement and Labelling Expert

Bengisu Köse, Measurement and Graphics Expert

Buket Açıkgöz, Production Supervisor

Sercan Okay, Construction Connoisseur

Süreyya Kağan Tekkaya, Logistics and Acquisition Manager

Merve Şen, Literary Advisory Board Member

Ali Rıza Atakan Gür, Visual Communications Manager

Gökçe Akçelik, Soundscape Artist

Hazal Kırıkçı, Manager

Havvanur Sönmez, Modeling and Production Expert

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