Loughborough University: University launches podcast about the impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

A new podcast has been launched which examines the impact the conflict in Ukraine is having on the world as well as assessing the future implications for the global economy and our everyday lives.

The series called Besieged: A podcast about Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine, invites experts from Loughborough University to discuss issues such as the refugee crisis, Putin’s ultimate goal and how the ripples extend as far as our own communities.

It kicks off with, The Russian Beast and the Middle East – a chat with Dr Ali Biglic, an expert in international relations from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The episode, hosted by Peter Warzynski, looks at the latest news surrounding Iran’s nuclear deal, the shifting relations between the Middle East and the West, and Putin’s use of mercenaries in Ukraine.

It can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn+Alexa and YouTube.

Peter said: “The idea of the series is to try and get some clarity about the issues related to the invasion in Ukraine.

“Loughborough has some of the best-respected experts in many of the subjects which we hear about each day in the news, and each episode will tackle one of those hotly debated topics.

“The format is simple, and the content is uncomplicated – we want everyone to be able to listen and learn something and be entertained at the same time.”

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