LPU Ph D Scholar presented Innovative Mathematical Research at Cambridge University in UK

Jalandhar: One of the Ph D Scholars of Department of Mathematics at Lovely Professional University, Pranav Sharma was invited by the Department of Pure Mathematics & Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS) to present his innovative mathematical research at the University of Cambridge in England. Occasion was four-day 19th ‘Postgraduate Group Theory Conference’ held at the University of Cambridge, the UK. Annual conference was for Ph D students in “group theory and related areas” to share their innovative research. 50+ researchers from across the top universities of the world, including top-ranked Oxford, 4th ranked Cambridge, 8th ranked Imperial College of London, 11th ranked EPFL of Switzerland, Valencia of Spain and more, had gathered to ponder on soft ways of calculations. LPU scholar’s mathematical findings earned maximum applauds, even from the guests of honour of the conference- Prof (Dr) Gunter Malle of Technische University of Germany and Dr Nadia Mazza of Lancaster University, UK.
Pranav Sharma is JRF Research Scholar at LPU, who delivered a research-presentation, entitled “Locally quasi-convex convergence groups”, for 30 minutes. The results presented by him were received successfully by academic researchers and experts from the top universities. The conference was an ideal platform to present the valuable and innovative research results, as it proved to be an excellent opportunity to exchange the findings with the researchers from UK, Europe and other parts of the world, those possess similar research interests.
Congratulating the top research oriented LPU student, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shared: “This is another illustrious research made by LPU research scholar in the algebraic realms where he stood along with scholars from top ranked universities of the world including first ranked Oxford University. I anticipate that his findings will surely be helpful to the scientists of the country and the globe in their various calculative findings aimed for the goodness of one and all in this universe. Space scientists will indeed be benefitted as they usually need group calculations. I wish the young researcher at LPU to go on scaling more and more heights in the field of research endeavours.”
Illustrative, London Mathematical Society and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research in UK had supported the organization, which provides an excellent and highly stimulating research environment and mathematical activities. Both of these have made a number of significant contributions to mathematics and data science. LPU also keep on propagating research works for which it has various industry partnerships aimed at promoting research. LPU researchers have also won a huge research grant of 10.8 million through Indo Canadian Impact project from DBT, Govt of India.