LPU preparing its Students for Civil Services (IAS) Exams


Jalandhar: Tinkering students for adopting varied bright careers ahead; Lovely Professional University (LPU) is now motivating its students to become top officers of the country, by entering Indian Administrative (IAS), Police (IPS), Revenue (IRS) and Foreign (IFS) Services. With committed attention, wholesome guidance, eminent faculty; LPU is all set in equipping its students to be brighter and more ruling than others. Working assiduously on the same lines, LPU School of Arts and Languages organized an extensive and guiding lecture for aspiring students.

For this, Prof Anil Kumar, who has decades of experience in preparing people for IAS, talked about ever important considered topic for Civil Services Examination-“Changing International Relations since Second World War”. Prof Kumar elaborated about international relations from military, political, economic and infrastructural point of view. He also devoted a special session on “Everything One needs to know about Civil Services Examination”, where he emphasized that for this toughest considered examination, it is always more important to know what not to do rather than what to do.

Prof Kumar inspired students by saying: “One can prepare for IAS exam in a much easier and better way, if he/she knows the reasons for preparing towards it. Without being judgmental, ask yourself the real reason for aiming to join this prestigious service. Being honest and sincere, your soulful answer will certainly be- “for contributing positively to the society”. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity to do concrete things for which we usually keep on thinking about happening. Always keep this in mind that nothing is unachievable, if proper efforts are put in by resorting to proper management techniques for time, resources, attitude and perseverance.”

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal holds: “LPU is desirous of seeing its students on high pedestals be these pertain to Researches, Inventions, Entrepreneurship, Placements, even Olympics and Nobel Prizes. In fact, we all at LPU feel restless and enthusiastic to see illustrious achievements made by our students in diverse fields related to them.” Adding Mr Mittal says: “In regard to the choice of careers for students, present world is becoming increasingly competitive. For being an IAS officer, an aspiring candidate has to have a multidisciplinary, diverse and integrated approach as well. At LPU, we are fully aware about this and keep on delivering the best to the students. We also arrange extension lectures for students from top international and national brains to cover topics of national and international understanding for them.”