LPU School of Agriculture organized Four-Day Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Jalandhar: The School of Agriculture at LPU organized four Day annual Chrysanthemum flowers exhibition at the campus. For this, Chrysanthemum flowers of 60+varieties, in all shades and colours, were exhibited in more than 2500 pots. Exhibited flowers included Crasa Grande, Snow ball, Reagan White, Royal Purple, Winter Queen, Garden Beauty, Yellow Delight, Moira, Orange Fair lady, Dream Goosling, Spider- shape, Pompon and many other Korean and Japanese variety also. Next to rose, Chrysanthemum flowers are the second most popular flowers in the world. On this occasion, LPU students were also inspired to adopt medicinal flowers’ growth not only as a hobby but as an entrepreneurial project also.

In fact, LPU students at School of Agriculture have been able to grow a wide and rare variety of Chrysanthemum flowers as part of their academic projects and research works. As per annual flowers showcasing, this LPU School organized the vivid exhibition’ at the campus to share students’ rare achievement with students and faculty members of other departments and visiting onlookers. As a fantastic variety of Chrysanthemum flowers is available during these days of winter season, a large number of participants and onlookers had crowded the campus to pay an authentic tribute to nature and its beautiful creation.

LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal appreciated the efforts of students and staff-members at the School of Agriculture and congratulated both the competitors and contributors for their best flower-growths. She shared that along with academic, sports and cultural activities, LPU has set high criterions in environment conservation also. In appreciation, she also awarded many students and other participants for their contribution in nurturing the Chrysanthemum plants with hard work all through the year.

Dean at the School, Dr Ramesh Sadawarti shared that the School of Agriculture has regularly been achieving marvellous attainments since its inception. It has also got significant ICAR accreditation. He informed that there are many wild and thousands of chrysanthemum flowers, which differ in size, colours and number of flowers per stem. He further shared that chrysanthemum symbolize optimism and joy, and its name is derived from Greek words ‘Chrysos’ meaning ‘Gold’ and ‘Anthemon’ meaning ‘Flower’. Highlighting, many novel varieties, procured from distant states of students like Rustam, Edward, Tshering, Himani, Basanti, Chandrma, Dhaania, Amma and more were also displayed this year.