LPU School of Hotel Management organized Cake-Mixing Ceremony to celebrate Christmas


Jalandhar: School of Hotel Management & Tourism at LPU organized cake-mixing ceremony at uni-hotel lobby of the university to welcome the upcoming christmas festive season. On this occasion a mammoth christmas-cake was prepared by LPU students at the school to spread the warmth of christmas season and new year. Such a traditional ‘Cake’ is considered to be a harbinger of peace, prosperity and happiness globe over. Lighting of the christmas- tree, carol singing, mirthful dances and solemn addresses marked the celebrations. LPU organized the celebrations to keep up the buoyant spirit of a large number of international and national students who study at the university coming from different far-off states and countries.

The mammoth cake ingredients included dry fruits like raisins, prunes, dates, cherries, orange, lemon and nuts like cashews, pistachios and almonds. Large quantities of fresh juices and honey were generously added to soak all the mixtures. Freshly minced spices were also added and tossed till the fruits and nuts were well coated. With occasional stirring to ensure the nuts being swollen, the whole preparation was emptied into large container and stored for christmas and new year celebrations.

In fact, the initial step towards making the ‘Cake’ is the huge mixing process, which is observed world over as cake-mixing ceremony. This stirring ceremony, which historically dates back to 17th century in Europe, is part of an age-old christmas tradition. Present on the occasion were LPU Director General Er HR Singla, Executive Deans Dr Sanjay Modi and Dr Loviraj Gupta, Head of the School Dean Prof Amreesh Mishra, who inspired the thousands of students at the school to keep up the glorious traditions which teach us to live united amid diversity.