LSAT—India registration and exam date extended by a month to accommodate students appearing for CBSE Board 12 class exams


New Delhi: The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) announced today that the LSAT—India test date would be moved by one month to help accommodate students preparing to sit for their remaining CBSE board exams scheduled between 01 to 15 July. The online LSAT—India will now be administered starting 19 July, using the AI-enabled remote proctored online test delivery system to allow candidates to test from the safety and comfort of their homes. LSAC will use this time to make additional information available to candidates to ease their concerns on testing on an online format. Multiple communications will be sent to candidates to familiarize them on the test procedures, do’s and don’ts, and the test interface to help them get prepared for taking the test on the new format.

“We have heard from many students and families that they are excited about the online LSAT—India, and the opportunity to test from the security of their own home,” said Yusuf Abdul-Kareem, Vice President, LSAC. “By moving the testing period to the week of 19 July, we are accommodating the needs of students who need to sit for their CBSE board exams, and we can also help students be better prepared for the new LSAT—India online format.”

The LSAT—India will be delivered in 3 time slots over 4 days starting 19 July. Candidates will be assigned a time slot. Test takers who have technical problems will have the opportunity to retest 2-3 days after the closing of the main testing window.

Students who wish to take the online LSAT—India from the comfort and security of their own home should register as soon as possible at and no later than 5 July.

Currently, the LSAT—India is the only law school admission test for multiple colleges that is available for safe online testing during the COVID-19 emergency.