Lt Governor pays tributes to Dr. Suresh Awasthi on his 15th death anniversary

SRINAGAR : Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha today paid tribute to the great political thinker, educationist, and philosopher of humanism, Dr. Suresh Awasthi on his 15th death anniversary.

While presiding over the virtual seminar organized in remembrance of Dr. Suresh Awasthi, the Lt Governor recalled his vision for a United and Progressive India.

Dr. Awasthi ji made a big impact on the lives of his students. He was not only a teacher but a guide who transformed the personality of the students of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), added the Lt Governor.

Remembering Dr. Suresh Awasthi, the Lt Governor observed that he was one of the very rare teachers of Political Science who have spiritualized political theory and identified the hidden talents in the students. I consider myself very fortunate to have had his blessings, to closely observe and learn from his social values, said the Lt Governor.

The knowledge pool to which I was attached not only ideologically but also spiritually had a void after Dr. Awasthi ji left. For me personally, his death was an irreparable loss, he added.

In the teachings of Dr. Awasthi ji, I found the true meaning of self-sacrifice and self-purification. He had no personal ambition of his own, but only supported and inspired us to fulfill our dreams. He also taught us patience and prepared us for the challenges of life by incorporating virtue, goodness, and practical political knowledge. He inculcated the political theory in the people through his moral, idealistic, juristic, and philosophical concepts. I have many fond memories which are a precious asset of my life, said the Lt Governor.

Dr. Awasthi ji never joined the race to make politics a science. He always believed in political philosophy, not political science. There was a permanent sense of equality, social harmony, and national interest in his ideology, the Lt Governor observed.

Moving ahead on the path shown by Dr. Awasthi ji, I always believe that social interaction is the way to keep every section of the society empowered. Whether it is Jammu and Kashmir or other states of the country, there should be continuous initiatives going on for ensuring on equality of economic, social, educational, and political rights amongst the people so that everyone can lead a dignified life, the Lt Governor said.

Terming constructive criticism as an important part of the governance process, the Lt Governor said that society can be strengthened when all kinds of views are also heard and understood with respect.

Throwing light on the life of Dr. Suresh Awasthi, the Lt Governor observed that he had a deep understanding of Sant Kabir’s philosophy and the reflection can be felt in his teaching methods as he emphasized on equality and progressiveness and firmly believed that education is the act of reviving, an opportunity, a platform on which the youth learn the art of life. He was not limited to just one subject. His original artwork was outside the classroom.

The BHU campus is the Karma Bhoomi and Tapobhoomi of Awasthi ji. The ethical ideas he developed through a combination of the school of political science and mentoring student union paved the way for a new outlook for the student leaders, political thinkers, and intellectuals of the era of 80’s and 90’s, said the Lt Governor.

The Lt Governor noted that character building in student politics becomes the most powerful instrument of change for the future.

In the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, Dr. Rajendra Prasad in his speech, said, “The Constitution is a lifeless thing like an instrument. Its life is the people who control and enforce it and the country to date does not need anything more than a class of honest people who put the interest of the country before themselves. Imbibing this spirit of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Awasthi ji took keen interest in the activities of BHU for keeping national interests paramount amongst the students and advocated the empowerment of Student Union. For him, politics was to uplift the people’s policy, and his contribution to strengthening the student union of BHU during that period was incomparable, added the Lt Governor.

Remembering him today, I can say that he recognized me, gave new energy to my inner potential. It is not only the disciple who looks for the teacher, but the guru also looks for his worthy disciple. On the day, when one becomes eligible to be a disciple, on that day the Guru himself discovers the disciple, added the Lt Governor.

Padma Shri Ram Bahadur Rai and Dr Indresh Kumar addressed the seminar and remembered the life work, nationalist thinking and vision of Dr Suresh Awasthi.

Prof. Bechan Lal, Vice-Chancellor, Cluster University of Jammu; Academicians and Prominent journalists also participated in this virtual seminar which was organized by Dr. Suresh Awasthi Memorial Trust.