M Pratap, Student of Officers IAS Academy is Tamil Nadu’s topper


Chennai: M. Pratap, who hails from a farmer’s family has cracked the Civil Service Exams standing first in Tamil Nadu and securing the All India Rank of 21.

Mr. Israel Jebasingh, IAS and Founder Director, Officers IAS Academy said, “We are delighted with this result, further 64 of our students have cleared the exams which makes proud. Some of them are Rizwan Basha Shaik (AIR 48), Dr. Mitali Sethi (AIR 56), Mr. Rohit Vyas (AIR 69), Praveen Aditya (AIR 79).

“It is our consistent effort to help each aspirant till the end. Towards this, we arranged for Mock Interview which are almost a replica of the original interviews. Some of the finest Officers like Dr. Santhosh Babu IAS, Mr. Davidar IAS, Mr. Sylendra Babu IPS, Mr. R Nataraj IPS, Mr. Venugopal IPS, Mr. Kamaraj IPS, Mr. Anandan IAS etc, were invited by us to the interview and coaching sessions. We are sure that in coming years, we will produce even better results.”