Macquarie University announces scholarships worth over AUD$1.5 million for Indian students


New Delhi: Macquarie University, one of Australia’s top 10 Universities today announced scholarships worth AUD$10,000 annually to recognise outstanding Indian students, with a focus on supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students across a wide range of programs.

This $10,000 scholarship for Indian students is an annual scholarship towards tuition fees covering all coursework programs commencing in 2019. This would mean a student enrolling in a 4-year undergraduate degree would receive $40,000 over 4 years. The scholarship will enable Indian students to achieve their career goals by improving the affordability of acquiring an internationally recognised degree from a globally renowned university.

Some of the most popular study areas at Macquarie include Management, Applied Finance, Accounting, Arts, Cyber Security, Data Science, Engineering, Information Technology, International Business, Management, Psychology, Public Health and Science. Macquarie has seen a steady flow of enrolments from high achieving Indian students over the past few years, many of whom have availed of the University’s generous scholarships.

Applicants for all 2019 scholarships will be required to meet the English and academic requirements for the course they have selected.

The deadline for accepting these scholarships is December 21, 2018 for Session 1 (February 2019) and June 15, 2019 for Session 2 (July 2019).