Macquarie University: Asia Society Australia And Macquarie University Launch A Foundation Partnership

Macquarie University and Asia Society Australia today have launched a strategic partnership to promote deeper knowledge of Asia’s rapidly changing economic, business and policy environment amongst Australian leaders.

Under the partnership agreement, Asia Society Australia will open a new office, event and meeting place at Macquarie’s CBD campus in the heart of Martin Place, Sydney’s business and financial district.

Asia Society Australia will bring its world-class events, global network and think-tank capabilities and insights to Macquarie University’s CBD campus and community, as Australia and Sydney re-open to the region and the world.

Macquarie University and Asia Society will combine their respective strengths in business, policy and education to help Australia and NSW re-connect with the world’s most dynamic region and markets, and grow trade and investment.

Asia Society Australia and Macquarie University will pursue collaborative projects in Asia business literacy, leadership development and geopolitics, and create a hub for high-quality business and policy events and briefings on Asia in Sydney. The partnership will build on already successful joint initiatives, such as Asia Society Australia Scholar-in-Residence, currently held by Macquarie’s Professor Bates Gill.

Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor Professor S. Bruce Dowton said: “Macquarie University prides itself on being deeply internationally-connected in its research and teaching, and responsive to global challenges and opportunities. As Australia begins to reconnect with the world, this new partnership with Asia Society Australia will cement Macquarie University as a centre for bold thinking about the future of our region.”

Asia Society Australia CEO Philipp Ivanov said the partnership with Macquarie University is an important step in Asia Society Australia’s strategy to become Australia’s leading business and policy think-tank dedicated to Asia.

“Macquarie University’s credentials as an entrepreneurial, global and forward-looking institution are perfectly aligned with Asia Society Australia’s mission to prepare Australians for engagement with a more complex Asia,” Ivanov said.

Asia Society’s Sydney office will officially re-open at Macquarie University’s CBD Campus on 123 Pitt Street in November 2021.

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