“The Mad Talk – Mad Over Marketing” Workshop at XIMB

Bhubaneswar: MAXIM, the Marketing Association of XIMB conducted its first workshop at XIMB ‘The Mad Talk’ on 21st August 2018, Tuesday, 7 PM. The workshop was graced by Mr. Siddhant More, founder of one of the most interactive and creative pages on Facebook, ‘Mad Over Marketing’, for marketing aficionados.
Mr. Siddhant More founded Mad Over Marketing back in 2012 on the social media platform Facebook. Since its inception, Mad Over Marketing has garnered over 12 lakh followers. The page specifically caters to the people passionate about marketing and shares necessary insights to use the ever-evolving technology as an enabler for the budding marketers. Mr. More is an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur.
The workshop began with Mr. More talking in detail about the rapidly changing paradigms of marketing and how big conglomerates are trying their level best to gain the larger share from the shrinking pie with their avant-garde and captivating advertisements. The discussion mostly focuses on the three key pillars for marketers, i.e. Attention, Perception, and Communication. Mr. More adroitly explained each section with some contemporary illustrations. The discussion was also marked with a few interesting anecdotes relating to the evolving area of marketing.
The discussion was taken further towards the emerging area of Minimal Advertising. Here, Mr. More explained the topic with some extremely relevant and buzzing advertisements which have been trending for some time now.
With every passing minute, the discussion started to get more engaging as Mr. More shed light upon topics which were previously unknown to the students. Mr. More’s effective usage of power-point slides and relevant videos to make the students understand about concepts like ambush marketing, brand wars in e-commerce, brand personalities, and the ongoing war on social media amongst different companies was a highly educative session. Mr. More specifically focused on the ethical boundaries of marketing and how companies are trying to push the envelope to stay ahead of their competitors.
The workshop was an entirely different session for everyone involved as it touched all the relevant topics which a marketer must be aware of before entering the market. Topics like the importance of timeliness in social media and the depiction of feminism vs sexism through advertisements. Mr. More also talked about the evolution of marketing through the ages and how it has affected the customers. From plain ads to the usage of memes as the new advertising tool, Mr. More used a plethora of examples to give a brief idea about the evolution of advertisements.
The highly informative and engaging session ended with trivia and a quiz which bombarded the students with even more vital information, making it an unparalleled session which left the students wanting for more.