Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister interacted with Asha Workers too


Bhopal: The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that we all will have to follow the restrictions strictly to tackle Corona crisis. He further mentioned that we have to take all necessary steps to prevent the problem from escalating. Shri Chouhan informed the people of the state through video message today.

The Chief Minister said that problems have escalated in Bhopal due to some people, who came from outside. We must prevent Bhopal from becoming a hotspot under any circumstances. He said that strict action will be taken on leaving places during the lockdown without unavoidable reasons. The problem is big and will have to be prevented from taking a more widespread form. No person will be allowed to add more to the problems due to his or her irrationality. Shri Chouhan said that we all will have to work in the larger public interest and will also have to tolerate some inconveniences.

Chief Minister interacted with Asha Workers too

Shri Chouhan held telephonic conversation with Asha worker, A.N.M. and Staff Nurse working in Health Department and sought information as regard to the works being done at grass root level to control Corona. Shri Chouhan gathered information about the work being done at the ground level from Asha worker Binu Soni. The Chioef Minister said that the works being carried out by the field staff of the Health department in present condition is praiseworthy.

Interacting with the Staff Nurse of Indore Jyotika Chaturvedi, Shri Chouhan said that the entire state is grateful to you, the way you are working diligently day and night to combat Corona. Jyotika replied that together we all will defeat Corona by all means.

Expressing gratitude to the Staff Nurse of Indore Deepshikha Gangrade, the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that your struggle with Corona is truly a reflection of your indomitable ability and strong will power. He said that day and night hard work of you all is commendable. Shri Chouhan also interacted with A.N.M. Purnima Pandey of Bhopal.