Madhya Pradesh CM Chouhan committed to free state from Corona virus

Bhopal : Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan after taking the oath of office as Chief Minister started taking the necessary action from the night of March 23 itself to free the state from Corona virus. He is constantly working together with all to make the state free of corona. Today, with all the proper management, a battle is fought to defeat corona in the state. As a result of this patients in large number are returning home healthy.

A four stage plan has been prepared for better treatment of Corona infected patients. Bhopal and Indore have been divided into several separate zones. State-level Crisis Management Groups have been set up at district level to free the state from Corona. Based on the data, the Corona affected hotspots have been identified and converted into containment areas. Strict adherence to lock-down has been ensured in all the districts. Total lock-down has been imposed to prevent community transitions in Indore, Bhopal and Ujjain. A micro management plan has been prepared to identify Corona patients, their tracing and proper arrangements are being made for testing and treatment.

High Risk Areas are being converted into containment zones to prevent corona infection in the state. As per the requirement, the identified suspected patients are being quarantined and isolated in the same area with immediate effect. Tele-medicine centers have been set up in all the districts to directly communicate with the people quarantined at homes. Doctors can communicate directly with the affected person through video calling. A ‘Sarthak’ app has been developed to monitor quarantined persons, through which patients are being monitored with a photo-based tagging method.

Proper arrangements have been made for testing of COVID-19 in the state. Government medical colleges in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Rewa and Sagar as well as 08 private medical colleges and 107 hospitals of private sector have been identified for the treatment of patients. In particular, 23 hospitals have been identified for the treatment of COVID-19. The capacity of 1000 tests per day has been achieved in the state. At present state has a large quantity of PPE kits, which have been delivered to the divisional headquarters as required. The quantity of hydro chloroquine tablets is also sufficient. Apart from this, N-95 masks are also being distributed. To provide continuous training to nurses and paramedical staff, training module has been prepared with the support of WHO and UNICEF and training is being given through Zoom app.

The State Government has geared up to defeat Corona virus at every stage. With the better management of constant proper measures, better treatment is being given to the Corona affected persons. Soon, control over the present situation will yield positive results.