Madhya Pradesh Governor plants Harsingar sapling in Raj Bhavan on his birthday

Bhopal : Governor Shri Lalji Tandon did not celebrate his birth anniversary due to Corona virus crisis. On the request of the Raj Bhavan family, he planted a medicinal plant Harsingar in the Jawaharkhand campus.

Characteristics of Harsingar sapling

The Harsingar flower is the state flower of West Bengal. This aromatic white and pink coloured flower is offered to the deities. The importance of Harsingar flower is also mentioned in mythological and folk tales. This plant only blooms at night. All the flowers of this plant fall in the morning. The botanical name of this plant is Nyctanthes Arbor tristis.

Medicinal use of Harsingar

Harsingar plant is beneficial in the treatment of joint pain, sciatica etc. Flowers, leaves, bark, seeds of this plant are in great demand in Ayurveda. The plant of Harsingar is also useful in heart disease, fever, dry cough, cleansing blood in the bone marrow, arthritis disease, treatment of wounds, skin disorders, diabetes, increasing digestive power, relieving stress etc.

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