Madhya Pradesh Governor Shri Tandon reviews universities in video conference

Bhopal : Governor Shri Lalji Tandon sought information about the regular education system from the Vice-Chancellors of government universities of the state through video conference. In the conference, he was told that universities are conducting interactive online classes, audio-video lectures and supplying study material of various subjects to the students in the state.Universities have prepared to conduct examinations from the first week of May to mid-June after the lockdown is over. Examination results will be declared in the second week of July.

Governor Shri Tandon lauded the universities for successfully discharging academic responsibilities under adverse circumstances. He said that during this crisis, intellectuals and students of the state have set an example before the world by making significant contributions. He said that the dedication and activeness with which information of the World Health Organization and the Department of Health has been circulated in public, is commendable and exemplary.

Shri Lalji Tandon told the Vice-Chancellors that they were the builders of the future of lakhs of students. He said that protection of their interests is the basic responsibility of all of us. This fact must be always kept in mind. He said that efforts must be made to build the character of students. Focus on their intellectual development is must. Research work must be accelerated. The Governor told to make innovations and necessary preparations for employment-oriented education of students. He said that apart from regular teaching work, arrangements should be made for online availability of research and research facts.

The Governor said that the Corona crisis is big but we must not be afraid instead we must make efforts to control it. He said that we have reached the second phase, having crossed the first phase while fighting Corona. Every person is a part of this war while staying at home. He said that the whole world is looking at India with hope today. The solution to this crisis will come out of the Indian tradition. We must infuse self-confidence and self-pride among youth and farmers. The Governor said that only those who accept the challenge, witness the big change. He said that after the challenge of Corona crisis, there will be major social and economic changes and the country and the state will move forward on the path of rapid progress. Preparations should be started in this perspective.

The Governor said that the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has asked everyone to pay special attention to seven things. We all have an obligation to follow these things sincerely. We must take special care of our elders. We must take extra care of those who have chronic disease. We must follow the instructions of the Ministry of AYUSH to increase immunity. We must take decoction and hot water. To prevent the spread of Corona infection, download the Arogya Setu App and inspire others. As much as possible, we must make sure to look after the poor and arrange food. We must be sensitive towards those who work with us and industry, do not remove them from job. The Corona warriors — doctors, nurses, police, and sanitation workers must be honoured.

Governor Shri Tandon asked the Sanskrit University to make efforts to provide the work and life sketch of the great men in the field of education, knowledge, science, philosophy, and mathematics like Sushruta, Charak, Aryabhatta, Nagarjuna, Sandipani etc. to the youth. He told to prepare texts regarding them in Sanskrit and Hindi.

In a video conference, the Governor discussed with the Vice-Chancellors of all government universities and inquired about the work done by them. It was informed that the audio-video lecture and course study material have been uploaded on the website. In this connection, students are also being informed through e-mail, SMS and whatsapp.