Madhya Pradesh :One lakh children continue higher studies through Ruk Jana Nahin Yojana

Bhopal: More than one lakh children have been influenced in the last two years in different schools of the state through “Ruk Jana Nahin” Yojana of the School Education Department of Madhya Pradesh. Ruk Jana Nahin Yojana has given nearly 40 thousand students of Class X and 60 thousand students of Class XII the opportunity to continue their higher studies.

This Yojana, started in year 2016 was implemented for children who were to appear for Class X and Class XII Board of Secondary Education exams. Students who benefitted from the scheme are now continuing their higher studies.

One lakh Board exam students enabled to continue their higher studies through Ruk Jana Nahin Yojana.
Digital evaluation started for correct and timely evaluation by Open School
Yojana successful in putting an end to evils like depression and suicide.
Madhya Pradesh State Open School Education Board started the Yojana in year 2016. Four opportunities were given to students who failed in Board of Secondary Education exams in year 2016. State Open School is conducting 3 exams for students who failed in Board exams in year 2017. Open School has initiated a seven-day contact programme to remove subject-related obstacles of failed students after the month of June in the entire state.

State Open School has used digital evaluation system for timely and correct evaluation of answer sheets of students who were included in the Yojana. In this 10 lakh answer sheets were scanned and digitally evaluated. Earlier, students who failed in Board exams would fall prey to depression and some of them even resorted to suicide, but ever since this yojana was launched, students are coming out of depression.

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