Madhya Pradesh sets record amidst Corona infection and challenges

Bhopal : The strategy that was adopted in Madhya Pradesh to procure wheat from farmers on support price has become a record for the country amid proper arrangements. Madhya Pradesh has also surpassed the state of Punjab in the manner in which the state government has handled the hard work of the farmers of the state. Farmers and government machinery of all districts of the state have played an important role in making all time records.

The government had to face major challenges in the procurement work that started from April 15 due to Corona infection. Amidst the challenges, not only was the system of procurement in the mandis, but informing farmers through SMS to come to the market, arranging gunny bags, storage, transportation and payment arrangements were also made at a rapid pace. About one thousand additional procurement centres were set up compared to last year. With all these arrangements, maximum one crore 29 lakh 34 thousand 500 metric tonnes of wheat has been procured so far on support price from farmers in Madhya Pradesh.

Maximum 27.89 lakh metric tonnes of wheat procured in Bhopal division

Maximum 27.89 lakh metric tonnes of wheat has been procured through 3 lakh 6 thousand 485 farmers in Bhopal division. This includes 7,23,710 MT wheat from 69 thousand 2 farmers in Vidisha, 7,43,223 MT wheat from 81,269 farmers in Sehore, 6,28,634 MT wheat from 62,128 farmers in Raisen and 3,85,443 MT wheat was procured from 63,832 farmers in Rajgarh.

Gwalior Division

In Gwalior district, 1,81,179 MT of wheat was procured through 15,061 farmers, 2,03515 MT wheat from 17,885 farmers in Ashoknagar 2,54,049 MT from 28,998 farmers in Shivpuri, 1,76,840 MT from 19,577 farmers in Datia and in Guna 2,17,053 metric tonnes of wheat were procured from 22,534 farmers.

Chambal Division

Around 2,56,318 MT wheat was procured from 22,627 farmers in Sheopur district, 84,229 MT from 14,204 farmers in Morena and 79,296 MT wheat from 10,612 farmers in Bhind.

Indore Division

Around 3,78,697 MT of wheat was procured from 29,350 farmers in Indore district, 2,01,412 MT from 26,945 farmers in Khandwa, 3,56,400 MT from 34,803 farmers in Dhar, 1,55,943 MT from 25,454 farmers in Khargone, 4,694 MT from 1,176 farmers in Burhanpur, 2,507 MT from 885 farmers in Alirajpur, 33,643 MT from 5,446 farmers in Barwani and 41,047 metric tonnes of wheat from 6,727 farmers in Jhabua.

Jabalpur Division

Around 4,13,090 MT of wheat from 35,936 farmers in Jabalpur district, 4,37,142 MT from 47,401 farmers in Seoni, 2,03,022 MT from 30,941 farmers in Narsinghpur, 2,10,726 MT from 32,727 farmers in Katni, 2,33,087 MT from 29,792 farmers in Chhindwara, 12,839 MT wheat was procured from 5,745 farmers in Balaghat and 9,753 metric tonnes from 5,117 farmers in Dindori.

Narmadapuram Division

In Hoshangabad district of Narmadapuram division, 8,95,373 MT wheat was procured from 70,754 farmers, 4,96,004 MT from 41,385 farmers in Harda and 1,26,724 MT from 22,072 farmers in Betul.

Rewa Division

In Rewa district, 1,25,593 MT of wheat was procured from 32,856 farmers, 3,19,442 MT from 46,100 farmers in Satna, 26,873 MT from 8,851 farmers in Sidhi and 22,686 MT from 7,100 farmers in Singrauli.

Sagar Division

In Sagar district, 4,92,127 MT of wheat was procured through 66,749 farmers. Similarly, 3,09,776 MT of wheat was procured from 47,100 farmers in Chhatarpur, 2,09,607 MT from 30,741 farmers in Damoh, 1,54,986 MT from 30,692 farmers in Panna, 1,77,335 MT from 38,775 farmers in Tikamgarh and 41,511 MT from 8,398 farmers in Niwari.

Shahdol Division

In Shahdol district, 28,575 MT of wheat was procured from 8,271 farmers, 1,832 MT of wheat from 876 farmers in Anuppur and 40,985 MT of wheat from 10,848 farmers in Umaria.

Ujjain Division

In Ujjain district, 8,35,705 MT wheat was procured through 92,798 farmers, 4,04,296 MT from 56,478 farmers in Dewas, 2,85,476 MT from 47,188 farmers in Mandsaur, 1,15,263 MT from 21,320 farmers in Neemuch, 2,39,841 MT from 33,357 farmers in Ratlam, 4,09,220 MT from 56,333 farmers in Shajapur and in Agar-Malwa 1,79,546 MT of wheat was procured from 25,280 farmers.

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