Madhya Pradesh: Single citizen database will be extremely beneficial for citizens

Bhopal : Work is being done on the Single Citizen Database in the state under the direction of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. This will be extremely beneficial for citizens. Once the database is ready, necessary information to provide benefits to the beneficiaries of various schemes will be available at one place. There will be no need for beneficiaries of different schemes to provide information separately under the various schemes. The information available in a single citizen database can be used to give benefits of various schemes.

Citizens to get benefits rapidly, Government to save time

The creation of a single citizen database will save the time taken in obtaining information from beneficiaries to provide them the benefits of various schemes rapidly. At present, there are about 700 beneficiary-oriented schemes in the state, for which the beneficiaries are required to be registered separately to give benefits.

Documents will not have to be sought for admission in schools etc.

Once the Single Citizen Database is prepared, documents like income certificate, caste certificate, bonafide certificate etc. will not be sought from students of SC, ST, OBC and General category during admission, scholarship etc. in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. All their records will already be registered in the Single Citizen Database. While this will facilitate students, a lot of time will be saved.

This is how a single citizen database will be created

Various database, Samagra ID, land records, voter ID, Aadhaar record etc. will be integrated for creation of Single Citizen Database. Biometric verification will be done for this. Along with this, arrangements will also be made to continuously update data of citizens.

Single Citizen Database in other states also

Rajasthan has a Single Citizen Database called “Bhama Shah Yojana”. Similarly, in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana it has been named as “Praja Sadhikar”.

Information in Database

Single citizen database will contain information related to the citizen’s name, age, address, income, land record, vehicle record, academic certificates, residence, caste, domicile, election related information, crop, insurance information, bank loan, driving license, scholarship, skills, besides information related to employment, food grain security scheme, poverty line certificate etc.

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