Madhya Pradesh to become destination of film industry and artists

Bhopal : The state government has made a revolutionary start to make the state financially prosperous by implementing Madhya Pradesh Film Tourism Policy – 2020. The day is not far when Madhya Pradesh will be seen by the film industry as the best venue for making films on every subject. Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath by opening the doors of Madhya Pradesh for the film world has paved the way for the economic development of the state through films.

Madhya Pradesh is being made the first choice of filmmakers by implementing the Tourism policy 2020. In the policy, it has also been decided to make the state a central hub for films. Filmmakers and industries associated with films will be encouraged to invest in madhya pradesh by preparing infrastructure for film production in the state. Tourism of the state will get national and international recognition through films. The process of allowing film shooting has been made easier by the state government, which will encourage more and more film making in the state.

Advisory / Empowerment Committee

For the implementation of the Film Tourism Policy, a state-level committee has been authorized to resolve the clarification/ explanation dispute. Film Tourism Policy-2020 is basically part of the tourism policy 2016 revised in 2019 only. In this, the work of implementation and monitoring is given priority.

Film facility cell

A dedicated film facility cell has been formed in Madhya Pradesh. Under the chairmanship of Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, this cell will act as the nodal agency for film tourism development. This cell will coordinate with the stakeholders for the implementation of film tourism policy, process determination and disposal of applications and also prepare policy suggestions and proposals for regulatory reforms from time to time as per the latest trends of the film industry.

Single window clearance

An online film web portal is being prepared for one-point entry system and time bound permission mechanism for filmmakers wishing to shoot films / serials / web series in Madhya Pradesh. This portal will act as a platform for information dissemination for film tourism policy. Offline applications will be taken till the web portal is not prepared by the Film Facilitation Cell online. Information related to other facilities and services will also be found on this portal. In each district, the SDM level officer will be authorized as the nodal officer for the implementation of the film tourism policy. Nodal officers will also cooperate and coordinate at the district level.

Publicity and promotion assistance

The state government is developing the entertainment industry to promote film tourism. Theme parks and selfie points are being developed in it. National and international film festivals and seminars will be organized in the state. Fame tours of leading film makers of the country will be organized. Films shot at the film shooting locations of the state and tourist spots will be developed and promoted as a tourism product.

Financial incentive

Under the Film Tourism Policy, the state government has set eligibility criteria of grant for maximum filming of films in the state in any language. A grant of Rs one crore or 25 percent of the total cost of the film, whichever is less for shooting the first film will be payable. For this, it is necessary to have minimum 50 percent shooting days of the total shooting days of the film in Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, up to Rs 1 crore 25 lakh for the second film or 25 percent of the total cost of the film, whichever is less, will be payable. For this, 50 percent shooting days of the total shooting days of the film will be required in Madhya Pradesh. In addition, up to Rs 1 crore 50 lakh for third and further films or 75 percent of the cost of films, whichever is less, will be payable. For this, 50 percent days of the entire shooting days of the film will be required in Madhya Pradesh. According to the film tourism policy, if Madhya Pradesh is prominently featured in the filming of a feature film with more than 75 percent shooting days in the state, an additional grant of Rs 50 lakh will be given in each category (first / second / third and upcoming films) that encourage such films. Its decision will be taken by the Film Facilitation Cell. Special grant of 50 percent of the cost of the filming or Rs. 5 crores whichever is less, will be given, if films are based on the story/ script focusing the state. The decision of the grant will be taken by the Film Facilitation Cell. If in the filmmaking work opportunities are being given to local artists of Madhya Pradesh, then additional grant will be given at three levels. According to the story, a maximum of Rs 25 lakh will be given on the character prominently displayed. Similarly, at the second level, a maximum of Rs 10 lakh will be given for the cast of other major characters or 50 percent of the actual payment of the actors for both categories, whichever is less, in addition to the character featured prominently as per the story.

Film city

The state government will also try to establish a film city in the state, so that the entire basic infrastructure can be made available to film makers at one place. To assess the possibilities of setting up a film city / film lab with the help of the private sector, a feasibility study will be conducted by the state tourism department through an expert agency and a detailed project report will be prepared for it’s implementation.

The state government will also provide land as per the Tourism Policy 2016 (revised 2019) for the establishment of a film city in the state and will also actively cooperate in the construction of active basic infrastructure.

In this way, Madhya Pradesh will now become the destination of film industry and artists. They will get every facility in it besides financial assistance.

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