Magic Bus wins the prestigious Mahatma Award for Social Good 2020

New Delhi: Magic Bus India Foundation received the prestigious Mahatma Award for Social Good 2020 on 30th January 2021. Inspired by the spirit of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Mahatma Award celebrates social impact leaders and change-makers across the globe. Through its Childhood to Livelihood programme, Magic Bus works with 400,000 children and 35000 young people across India, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to move out of poverty.

“We are honoured to win the Mahatma Award. Over the last two decades, Magic Bus has been working relentlessly, impacting the lives of more than 1 million children and young people. We continue to envision a world where children complete their secondary education and attain employability skills that equip them for stable livelihoods, to contribute positively to their community and to the world around them. It is truly thrilling and gratifying when our efforts and initiatives get recognised”, says Mr Jayant Rastogi, Global CEO, Magic Bus.

Magic Bus is now also working on a COVID-19 Crisis Recovery programme that aims to secure the livelihoods of 2,00,000 families in rural and urban areas through access to entitlements and government schemes, programmes and placement in jobs in the organised sector in urban areas. This in turn will ensure 3,00,000 children from these families facing economic distress, who are at risk of dropping out, are back in school, are regular and intent on completing formal education.