Mahindra Comviva’s PalmLeaf wins Golden Peacock Innovation Award 2017

New Delhi: Mahindra Comviva, the global leader in mobility solutions has won the prestigious Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award – 2017 for PalmLeaf. PalmLeaf is a mobile based micro learning solution which matches learning outcomes with the lifestyle needs of the users. The awards were presented at the IOD India’s “27th World Congress on Business Excellence & Innovation held on 20th April, 2017 in Dubai.

PalmLeaf helps to optimize training costs by converting idle moments into learning opportunities and thus requires no formal user time. It is an integrated and comprehensive m-learning solution, which offers cutting edge features like patented ‘FlashLeaf’ hook-back technology, user need-based multiple learning methodologies, social learning, an intuitive and immersive user experience, and a lot more. While other m-learning solutions have mobile as an extension of e-learning, PalmLeaf solution has been designed with the mobile device at its center, with specialized mobile specific content development which takes the user experience significantly ahead of its category. The patented solution specializes in unique user experience based on interplay of 4Cs – Consumer (User), Context (physical setting of the individual), Content and the Communication Interface (Smart Device).

Sandyp Bhattacharya, SVP & Head HR, Mahindra Comviva who is also Co-Founder & Executive Sponsor for PalmLeaf, said on the occasion: “The prestigious award vindicates our belief in how mobile technology is changing the way we engage and learn. Our global leadership in mobile technologies combined with our expertise in mobile content and constant focus on innovation is sure to enhance learning & engagement of the millennials. Many leading corporates are finding us as a refreshing change from other digital and mobile-based solutions.”

PalmLeaf helps organizations to bring geographically dispersed staff within the scope of its learning. As training is imparted on a mobile based format, organizations save on massive infrastructure costs. It easily integrates into Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and any Learning management system (LMS). PalmLeaf offers just-in-time learning to on-the-field workforce, where providing training through any other mode is challenging. It improves learning effectiveness through short 20 seconds duration micro content screens tied logically into a series to create a meaningful program.
Speaking after the ceremony in Dubai, Poonam Tharad, Head & Co-Founder – PalmLeaf said, “Our specialized amalgam of technology and content development optimizes training costs and enhances productivity. We have seen course completions jump to over 70%, which is a manifold increase over existing digital learning technologies. While self-driven learning is the way to go, maintaining course completion rate is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with dropping attention span of the users, Palmleaf makes this journey effortless and engaging.”

PalmLeaf offers a robust mobile solution for productivity, engagement and collaboration meant for all types of users; be it employees, customers, partners, students, parents, citizens or communities. The product focuses on building encrypted corporate communication & chats, live streaming of events, surveys, collaboration & productivity enhancement tools , bulletins, emergency alerts, and brings chat bot based mobile readiness to as many processes as needed, without the need to access any other app. PalmLeaf also has its own integrated Learning Management Solution.