Mahindra Group Launches #SkillHaiTohFutureHai Digital Campaign

New Delhi: As part of Mahindra Group’s year-long 75th anniversary celebrations, in the spirit of Rise that resonates across the group, Mahindra today launched its #SkillHaiTohFutureHai digital campaign focussed on youth skilling.

India is strongly positioned in the world owing to its demographic dividend in the form of two-thirds of its population being in the working-age group of 15-64 years and a median age of 24 years. However, India faces a paradoxical situation, where there is a dearth of jobs while the Indian industries struggle for skilled manpower. The #SkillHaiTohFutureHai campaign aims to generate awareness about the importance of skilling for employability and highlight Mahindra Group’s work done in this arena. The Group’s skilling initiatives are targeted at the under resourced youth of India through programs like Mahindra Pride Schools & Classrooms, SMART ACADEMY, SMART Plus, and Surya Mitra. The intention of these initiatives is to provide employable skills to the under resourced youth and enable them to secure jobs on their individual merit and capability, thus helping them to Rise.

As part of the campaign, several surround activities are planned to take the skilling message forward. The digital campaign will be complemented with content-led activations in form of beneficiary audio bytes & blogs, original features with teachers from the skilling schools, webinars and short form videos across all social media channels of Mahindra Group.

Commenting on the purpose and genesis of the campaign, Ruzbeh Irani, President, Group Human Resources & Communications, Mahindra Group, said, “Our corporate purpose is about creating a positive impact on the communities we serve and enabling them to Rise. The #SkillHaiTohFutureHai campaign is our message to today’s youth to focus on acquiring skills which will truly empower them to succeed in life.”

The film is set in an office space to ensure relatability with the tasks at workplace. The film is about a young girl who, through upgrading her skill sets post enrolment in a skilling initiative and her own individual capabilities, gets a secured job. The twist is that she gets the job in the same office that her father is office helper in. It draws attention to the fact that the youth need to invest in themselves through acquiring skills, so they can build their own future and Rise beyond their current realm of what they feel is possible.

The film was conceived and scripted by FCB Interface. Of the campaign, Chief Creative Officer, from FCB Interface, Robby Mathew, said, “Notwithstanding the pandemic and the economic slowdown, skills are the need of the hour. Both for businesses and for the youth. With this simple, emotional film we have tried to bring alive the socio-economic importance of skilling. Not just to sustain lives but to inject much-needed confidence and self-belief in the millions of youngsters in our country.”