Make farthest flying paper planes: Atria University organises an online workshop with Guinness World Record holder, John Collins

Bengaluru: Give flight to your learning capability, while in COVID-19 lockdown. Atria University is offering students various free online opportunities to learn, explore, and interact with experts to help them with academic and career decisions. Atria University will host a free online Paper Plane Workshop with John Collins, Guinness World Record Holder on Sunday, 5 April at 7 PM.

Collins holds the World Record for designing and folding the world’s farthest flying paper airplane. He will be hosting the online workshop with high-school students where they learn how to make the farthest flying paper airplane.

Collins has spent decades mastering the art of origami and aerodynamics. He has also published books on how to make paper airplanes and sees paper airplanes as an educational tool that helps one study aerodynamics and geometry. He has spent many years creating and improving flying wonders made of paper.

Speaking about the workshop, Collins said, “The series of online engagement efforts for students by Atria University is a great way to keep the learning going especially in such fearful times when most students worry about what the future holds. It is a great initiative. These online workshops and events give students a chance to learn, discover, and explore various facets of their personalities.”

“The online workshop will help students learn how to make my world record paper airplane. We’ll also adjust the airplane to do something a bit crazy, so students can experiment in real-time and get feedback,” he added.

Shaheem Rahiman, Chief Executive Officer of Atria University said “Learning should not be confined in the four walls of a classroom. At Atria University, the closest form of a classroom is a workshop. We believe project based learning is the most effective way of learning, I am glad to see COVID-19 lockdown is helping a lot of people realize effective learning can happen in the comfort of one’s home. We have lined up several free online student engagement activities for students, such as the paper plane workshop with John Collins. I personally am amazed how John is able to help me appreciate complex science and math concepts while making paper planes. I want students to understand learning can be a lot of fun, when taught like the way John does. We are certain our series of online workshops will help students make more well-informed undergrad choices.”

Those interested in learning how to make a paper airplane can register for the workshop here:

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