MakeMyTrip joins hands with Climes to encourage travellers to neutralize their flight emissions

MakeMyTrip, India’s leading online travel company, has partnered with Climes, an Indian climate-tech startup, to introduce carbon neutralization options when booking a flight through its platform. Through this collaboration, flyers of MakeMyTrip will be able to neutralize the carbon footprint of their air travel – entirely or partially. Commitments made by MakeMyTrip users will be distributed by Climes to carbon removal projects that focus on increasing biodiversity through agroforestry, and restoring degraded agricultural lands, across the country. Flyers will additionally have the option of choosing the project they wish to support.

Sharing his thoughts on introducing travellers to a new way to reduce carbon footprint when flying, Vipul Prakash, Chief Operating Officer, MakeMyTrip said, “Over the past few years, there is an increased awareness and sensitivity amongst travellers towards sustainable travel. With Climes, we are looking forward to empowering travellers with options that allow them to make sustainable choices and doing their bit for the environment even when travelling. Through this and more initiatives that focus on travelling responsibly, we hope to bring forth a behavioral change amongst travellers by helping them think sustainable-first when booking travel in the future.”

Commenting on the partnership with MakeMyTrip, Siddhanth Jayaram, Co-founder, Climes shared “Climes enables individuals to take meaningful climate action and this collaboration allows flyers to do just that. We make it easy for consumers to neutralize their unavoidable emissions, by partnering with their favorite online brands, like MakeMyTrip. All it takes is a single-click as they checkout. Climes is the gateway for consumers and brands to take the first step in their climate journey. We are their allies in helping them do what we all want to do – to cool our planet down.”

Starting 5th June, on World Environment Day, flyers who book through MakeMyTrip will find the option to neutralize carbon emissions via a link on their e-ticket.