Management Development Programmes of IIM Sambalpur (IIM-S) to help shape businesses and socially conscious organisations

Sambalpur: With the changing dynamics of commerce in India and across the world, it has become extremely crucial for businesses and non-business entities and their leaders to reinvent themselves, in order to, stay abreast. Managing business, managing resources, managing self, and managing all concerned stakeholders simultaneously in this changing environment and ensure competitive advantage for an organization may not be easy as it sounds. Keeping this in mind, IIM Sambalpur, one of the most promising and dynamic management institutions among the new generation IIMs of the country has on offer, a Management Development Programme (MDP) to offer guidance to businesses, social and educational institutes and their leaders to keep afloat during this transforming state and assist in value creation.

Speaking on the program, Prof. Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, Indian Institute of Management Sambalpur said, “The world around us is constantly changing. In order to survive, one must keep up with these changes to combat any challenge that it throws. This is even more pertinent in case of businesses or running any organisation. At IIM-S, we have always believed in the democratisation of businesses and strive to offer assistance to them. Such development programmes hold much economic and social relevance for both business and non-business entities. We are hopeful that our programme will be able to provide support to organisations in the emerging world scenario.”

Within the first two months of the new year, IIM-S has already conducted two such development programmes. The first being, an Executive Development Programme for the Senior Management Teams of Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. The three-day programme for “Achieving Leadership Excellence” held at Jharsuguda was inaugurated by Prof. M.P. Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur, Mr. C N Singh, CEO, Vedanta Ltd, Mr. Dilip Ranjan Sahoo, CPO, Aluminium & Power, Vedanta Ltd and Mr. G G Pal, Director (Metal). Enriching sessions on Leadership and Management, Managers and Leaders, Managerial Effectiveness, Managerial Authority and Influence, Leading and Managing Change, Transactional and Transformational Leadership, Think and Act Strategically in Digital Age, Managing Interpersonal dynamics in Organization and Responsible Leadership were conducted by Prof. V Anand Ram, Professor (retired), IIM Bangalore, Prof. M.P Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur and Prof. Atri Sengupta, Program Director, IIM Sambalpur respectively.

The second such programme was conducted in collaboration with the CBSE board. It was a three-day Training and Mentoring Programme for Principals and Vice Principals. Around nineteen principals and vice principals of CBSE Schools from across India (Haryana, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, MP, Hyderabad etc) attended the programme. The Programme was inaugurated by Prof. M.P Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur and Prof. A P Padhi, Former Vice Chancellor, Berhampur. It enlightened the participants to acquire knowledge on how to develop competency- and value-based education, and its appropriate ecosystem; how to lead an academic institution towards excellence. The Programme included teaching-learning of competency- and value-based education, different management tools and practices applicable to academic institutions, leadership models, and technology essential for governing academic institutions. IIM Sambalpur invited Prof. A.K Rath, Adjunct Professor, IIM Trichy to take sessions on Value Based Education and Academic Leadership. Also, Prof. M.P Jaiswal, Director, Prof. Atri Sengupta, Program Director, Prof. Rahul Kumar, Prof. Merlin Nandy enriched the participants with their valuable sessions on Analyzing and Enhancing Academic Performance using Design Thinking, Teaching-Learning Methods: Experiential and Blended Learning, Managing Performance Dynamics of Individuals and Teams, Strategic, Responsible, & Exemplary Leadership in School Education and Application of Artificial Intelligence in School Education, ICT for School Education respectively.
The transformations around the world requires a new thinking, making sense of changing markets, developing new strategic directions and energizing people. IIM-S is focused on providing support to organisations and help them think bigger and different, to cultivate growth potential of new markets, to redefine markets in their own vision, and engage customers and employees in more relevant and inspiring ways.
Besides MDPs, there are several other courses on offer at IIM Sambalpur. The courses comprise of MBA and “Doctorate of Philosophy” (Ph.D.) degree. IIM-S is also about to launch two other programmes – Executive MBA and Executive PhD for working executives soon.

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