Manila’s new Nike Hyper Courts ooze basketball vitality Richly illustrated by Arturo Torres

Manila: From a distance, Manila’s new Nike Hyper Courts ooze basketball vitality. Richly illustrated by Arturo Torres, each of the five courts carries a super hero version of a basketball superstar: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving.
Pull out, and the courts offer more than just comic book charm. An outline of a phone, which forms a portion of Titan Love Court in BGC, teases the Hyper Court’s secondary appeal: Each court unlocks exclusive HD basketball content direct to mobile web.
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The first Nike Hyper Live courts are as follows:
1. Titan Love Court in BGC featuring LeBron James
2. Ususan Court in Taguig featuring Kobe Bryant
3. Comembo Covered Court in Makati featuring Kevin Durant Court
4. Scarlet Homes Covered Court in Paranaque featuring Russell Westbrook
5. YCL Covered Court in Quezon City featuring Kyrie Irving