Manipal Academy of Higher Education conducts Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR) 2021 virtually

This year’s theme is “Interdisciplinary Sustainable Research – Global Crisis and the Way Forward”

Manipal: The Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR) 2021, organized by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education – Student Research Forum (MAHE-SRF) under the aegis of the Directorate of Research, MAHE, Manipal was virtually inaugurated on the 11 November 2021 by Professor H.P. Khincha, Chairman, Karnataka State Innovation Council Member Board of Management MAHE, Manipal, Professor (Retd), Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India.


Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR) is a three-day conference from 11th Nov to 13th Nov and this year the theme is “Interdisciplinary Sustainable Research – Global Crisis and the Way Forward.” Ms. Athira Rajagopal V, President MAHE – SRF welcomed the gathering and gave an overview of the conference.

Prof H P Khincha in his inaugural address stated that three words about ICHTR 2021 intrigued him. They were Interdisciplinary, Sustainable, and Global Crisis. Focusing on the health aspect of the global crisis in light of the ongoing pandemic and Prof Khincha elaborated the strong suit of MAHE in the medical sciences apart from those in engineering sciences and other related sciences.


Dr. PLNG Rao, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Health Sciences, MAHE, Manipal was the Guest of Honour. He highlighted how the pandemic had disrupted normal life and at the same time has opened new avenues for normal day-to-day activities, be it education or other services. Dr Rao emphasized the role of research, whereby it provides solutions to the issues faced by the community. He stated that MAHE is uniquely placed in this context with a strong suit in both the natural and the social sciences- enabling interdisciplinary research that does not only lead to problem-solving but also innovations that must be transformed into patents, that will produce the solutions at an affordable cost to the society around us.

The Inaugural session was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Vice President of MAHE-SRF, Mr. Nidheesh V R. The session witnessed the presence of Dr Satish Rao, Director-Research, MAHE, and other university officials. Dr Aiman Abbasi, Executive Member, MAHE-Student Research Forum (SRF), Master of Ceremony for the event coordinated the inaugural program.


The conference features keynote addresses, plenary sessions on various topics by distinguished speakers, and scientific paper presentations and the Inaugural Session’s keynote address was given by Prof H.P. Khincha. The session was chaired by Dr Gopal Pandey, Dean, Manipal Institution of Regenerative Medicine (MIRM), Bengaluru, India. Prof. Khincha in his keynote address discussed the opportunities that will open with the medical and health sciences working together with engineers and emphasized that, in this fast-paced development, the health field cannot be isolated from the influence of technological development.

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