Manipal Global Launches ‘Manipal Beyond Gender’ Initiative

Bengaluru: Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), India’s largest education services group has introduced the ‘Manipal Beyond Gender (MBG)’, a first-of-its-kind initiative aimed at enhancing gender inclusivity and diversity at the company.
Ms Archana Viswanath, Director, Jain Heritage School was the chief guest for the event.

Ms Archana Viswanath, while addressing the gathering said, “Sharing workload is important not only in the corporate world, but it is important to share the workload at home also with women. The role models have to be built at home and the workplace. I am happy to see Manipal Global is working towards the overall development of women with these different initiatives”

Ravi Panchanadan, MD & CEO, Manipal Global Education Services said, “In India, the percentage of women workforce dropped significantly from 35% to 24% with a mere 70% women coming back to work post maternity. Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) has built an inclusive culture over the ages and has over 30% women workforce presently. We want to ensure we go beyond this. It’s not just enough to hire but its more critical to give them the opportunities – create a level playing field, engage and empower each one of them, so that they grow into senior roles and realize their full potential. As a proud sponsor of the Manipal Beyond Gender initiative, I want to see these efforts, evolve and go beyond. Wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day.”

Manipal Beyond Gender is an initiative based on the fundamental principle of ‘equal opportunities’ at the workplace. It goes beyond just hiring more women and purely creating awareness. The goal is to give a sense of belonging to women at MaGE, empower them to go beyond the stereotypes and eventually break through the glass ceiling. The initiatives launched offers programs such as – Women Mentorship, Maternity Buddy, Day Care of Excellence, Gender Inclusivity and Networking Events. The initiatives are the brainchild and a result of significant time and effort put in by the core diversity committee members.

Speaking on the occasion, Sujatha Kumaraswamy, Senior General Manager & Diversity Champion said, “Nurturing diverse talent in MaGE is not a prerogative. It is an extension of our organisational vision of empowering and transforming lives. Our ‘Manipal Beyond Gender initiative’ is an attempt from our side to build not only a gender-balanced organisation but a balance for a better world. Today, diversity and balance are not issues only for women but they have become business issues. Every single employee in Manipal Global has a part to play in creating this balance and it has become a part of our organisational vision.”