Manipal ProLearn in Association with Janaagraha Launches CitizenPro

Bangalore: Manipal ProLearn, a leading professional learning platform and a division of Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), in a collaborative effort with Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, launched “CitizenPro” in the city today. The free online course aims at informing and raising awareness of citizens across India of their civic rights, duties and about the polity of India leading them on their individual journey of being Active Citizens.
Considering that the General Elections 2019 is around the corner, the first phase of the course will emphasise on the importance of voting. The module is a one-stop guide to understanding the Right to Vote and its associated implications for the citizen and the nation. Further, the course will comprehend modules like Know your Civic Quotient, City Challenges, Know your Government and Success Stories. It will spread awareness on the structure of city governments, multiple departments and agencies that address services like water, transport, waste management, sanitation, health, public infrastructure and education.

Speaking on the launch of the course, Mr. Ravi Panchanadan, MD & CEO, MaGE, said, “Solving civic issues of over a billion citizens is a tough challenge. Our strength in online delivery of content combined with Janaagraha’s mission to enhance the standard of living in cities will amplify the mission of creating a better India. The partnership with Janaagraha also comes at the right time when millions are ready to cast their vote. Suffrage is not just a right but also the duty of every citizen; the Manipal Group urges every eligible Indian to come out and vote. This course will help you make an informed decision and will ensure you are a CitizenPro.”

Speaking on the importance of a well-informed citizen, Ms. Sapna Karim, Head, Civic Participation, Janaagraha said, “A collaborative and trust filled environment where citizens and governments work together towards solving civic issues is the only way to deepen democracy and provide a great quality of life for all citizens. The partnership with Manipal Global Education will be instrumental in transforming young minds on the values that drive Active Citizenship – and this election is a great start to roll out the program.”

In the world’s largest democracy, a citizenry that is active and engaged in local civic matters can play a defining role in realizing the benefits of demographic dividends. To this end, the course is being offered free by Manipal ProLearn. As a patriotic corporate citizen committed to the cause of nation-building, the company dedicates ‘CitizenPro’ to all the citizens of India and its diaspora.

Upon completion of the course, the candidates will be officially certified as a CitizenPro.

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