Manish Kothari, Renowned Educationist & Founder of ISBR Group of Institutions Receives Doctorate from University of Mysore


Bangalore: The University of Mysore awarded Manish Kothari, a renowned Educationist & Founder of ISBR Group of Institutions with a Doctoral degree for his thesis titled “Performance Indicators for Private Business Schools in India for Growth and Sustenance”. He submitted his research paper under the guidance of his guide, Dr. D. Narasimha Murthy. His research spanned over a period of 4 years focusing on various parameters and indicators required by business schools to provide quality education.

Manish Kothari’s research paper considers major concerns of all the stakeholders in the education sector, including the parents, students, faculty, and corporates. The paper addresses all touchpoints of concerns that every business school faces during the journey to growth and sustenance in areas like accreditations, rankings, pedagogical enhancements, teaching, learning processes, industry connect and more. The research was well received in his doctoral defense as it provides deep and beneficial insights to management schools and researchers in the domain of management education.

According to the members of the panel, this research paper will help Business Schools improve their standards and become better in all aspects of quality management. The paper will enable the most suitable and real variables to check the quality of business schools in India. Therefore, this study facilitates producing good students and helps in better administration and management of the business schools.

In his address to the panel, Manish Kothari said “I wish to see that the outcome of this research not only helps colleges in India but also institutions abroad. I further wish to publish this research as a book and spread knowledge across the globe.”

Dr. Manish Kothari is the Founder and Managing Director of the ISBR Group of Institutions. The ISBR Group of Institutions have been fostered through the journey of this entrepreneur, from being a visionary to a seasoned researcher which is reflected in the upsurge of contributions that his institutions have been providing to the society. Started as a business school, in 2007 today ISBR is the abode of a Law college, Degree College, a research Centre and its latest edition – a PU College. Being a first-generation entrepreneur Mr. Kothari always wanted to build an institution that provides quality education. With ISBR, Manish has created an ecosystem for continuous learning and opportunities for growth and empowerment for all its stakeholders.


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