SMARTIVITY Introduces 14 Unique Learning-Based, Engagement-Driven Toys, Activities across Three Core Segments

Mumbai: Well-known for being an Innovation hub with a mission to make learning “smarter” for children, Smartivity Labs has further enhanced their product line by introducing 14 new unique learning-based, engagement-driven toys. These products range from the insightful concepts of its three core segments – S.T.E.M Learning to Blended Learning and Augmented Reality – which are designed to thrill, delight and impart fundamental learning(s) for children in the age bracket of 3 to 14 years. These distinctive products encourage kids to experience joy and pride of making their own toys and the inspire them to take interest in STEM fields. Their new offerings are easily available widely across retail stores and their website, too.

By creating cutting-edge engagement activities for young minds, Smartivity enables the perfect amalgamation of the physical and digital world to be enjoyed by children across the country. One can choose learning-based and engagement-driven toys and activities which strengthen a child’s cognitive and social skills. A cut above the rest, Smartivity’s products are all crafted to make learning more fun and experiential for the little ones, which further go a long way in shaping a child’s mind to think in a creative and positive manner, thus ensuring overall personal and academic growth.

Setting new benchmarks in the Industry via innovative offerings, the Smartivity S.T.E.M. Education D.I.Y. Toy Kits are designed around fundamental principles from the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, which are: Smartivity Vortex Canon Cattle Ranch, Smartivity Fidget Digit Multiplication, Smartivity Tap and Track lever Maze, Smartivity Stemwheels Stunt Demon Stem Toy, Smartivity Stemwheels Highway Hog Stem Toy, Smartivity Stemwheels Speedster Stem Toy, Smartivity Stemwheels Rally Race Stem Toy, Smartivity Stemwheels 4 torque busters Mega pack, Smartivity Payload Control Galaxy Quest, Smartivity Twist and Tumble Rotator Maze, Smartivity Snow and Glow Magnificent Castle, STEM FORMER and Magnetic Hockey.

Blended Learning is all about technology-enabled physical toys, which has been amazingly incorporated via Smartivity’s latest game called ‘Magico’, which includes a free app (IOS and android), number tiles, alphabet tiles, shape tiles and a Magico stand.

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows us to add a digital layer of information, interaction and engagement to the physical world, when viewed through a screen. This leads to never seen before magical, informative and engaging experiences, all at once. In addition, to the above, Smartivity adds its Super Awesome Magic Coloring Activity Kit (Accessible to Free Android and IOS Augmented Reality App, Includes Coloring Sheets-34, Flash Cards- 34 feat: Dinosaurs, Jungle Animals, Birds, Vehicles and Sea Animals) to the list.