Masai School launches online coding program for women and working professionals

Bengaluru: Masai School, India’s first Military style coding school, announced the launch of its first online coding program, primarily targeted towards giving a head start for women beginning the second innings of their career. This part time evening course focuses on building a strong foundation in backend software development and computer science. The course is open to all working professionals and registration for the same can be done on the Masai School website.

Masai School launched in June this year with an on-campus program on full stack software development. Masai School introduced this online coding program with the aim to help working professionals upskill and strengthen their profile to enhance career growth. The course consists of 600 hours of coding, 30 hours of Soft Skills and 60 hours of building mathematical abilities in the time period of 30 weeks. Along with this, the course also brings 24 Guest Lectures, 2 Demo Days, 2 Hackathons, 10 Projects, 50 Challenges and 5 Mock interviews.

At the outset of the launch, Prateek Shukla, Co-founder and CEO, Masai School, said, “Post our launch this year, we have received great feedback not just from our students but also from working professionals across the country. Many of them were keen on joining Masai School but could not think of quitting their jobs. It was this positive response that made us design this part – time course which would cater to this genre of learners.” He further added, “Coding is soon going to be the world’s second language. With the rapid evolution of technology, this will also create a demand for professionals with specific skills. These are clear indicators that professionals need to upskill to avoid getting redundant. Through Masai School’s backend developer program, our aim is to help working professionals FastTrack their career graphs.”

Masai School recently graduated its first batch with 90% placements for its students. One such student is Hassan. He hails from Salem, Tamil Nadu. He does not belong to a privileged family and did not have access to quality education. Though he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, he lacked the right exposure to the world outside. This made him take up a job as a mechanic in a local workshop with a monthly income of Rs.18,000. Today, Hassan has cracked one of the toughest technical interviews and joined one of the fastest growing startups of our country. His new job includes 3 months of apprenticeship (Paying 4.5X his previous salary) followed by a full time role as Full stack developer, with a salary that is 8X times of his previous salary.

Another inspiring student is Mahesh. He hails from the town of Sangli in Maharashtra. He has done his Masters in MCA, post which he joined his father in running the family business. A year and a half later, he decided to look for a job relevant to his line of studies. Mahesh applied to more than 25 companies who were offering an average of 2.5 lac per annum, but got rejected everywhere. It was at this stage that Mahesh applied to Masai School. Today, almost at the end of his course, he has been placed as a full-stack developer with a salary of nearly 4 times of what companies were offering him prior to joining Masai School.

Masai School began operations in the month of June 2019, in the city of Bangalore. At present, it also has a branch in Patna and plans to graduate 2000 students in the next 10-12 months.